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The Manor House

Our second completed contract with J.D. Wetherspoon saw us re-furnish the Manor House in a rustic style to match the traditional pub feel that would be expected from this type of building. We furnished this room with furniture ranging from high chairs up to the deep button backed banquette seating. We worked with the management to select arm chairs and side chairs that were finished in a mid shade timber and a darker upholstery to compliment the rustic looking pub room. We also provided some light brown leather chairs to add a secondary complimentary colour to the room. Our biggest input to the room however was the design and development of the banquette seating which is the primary feature. The area for the seating were determined by reviewing the shape of the rooms and whether the location would be prominent enough to be a focus point. The seating was upholstered with a dark leather that added that final bit of balance required to finish the feel of the room.