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Installing Banquette Seating Nationwide

We build and install quality seating across the country for small and large businesses.

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Banquette seating is perfect for businesses looking to get the most from their floor space. Maximising your floor space creates a welcoming feeling that customers want to return to regularly. We work with you to offer that wow factor for your customers.


Typically we install our seating in restaurants, pubs, clubs and open areas. As a result, the seating is more comfortable, desirable and memorable for your customers. We make our banquette seating bespoke to order for the best solution.

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Corner Banquette Seating

It is not uncommon for banquette seating to span one wall. We can add a corner section so your seating can span another wall. Corner sections allow you to take advantage of small spaces or create feature areas.

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The most common place we install our banquette seating is in restaurants. We know from experience that families and groups of friends want to sit on the feature seating. It's common because it simply works in restaurants. In short, this is a great way to improve your covers and overall customer experience.

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Fixed banquette seating adds that something special in your customers minds

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We can build our seating with custom measurements, back, base and finishing options. Listed below are some examples of seating styles to help you visualise the potential of your space.

Plain Back Seating

Plain back seating has become increasingly popular in many restaurants, bars and hotels over the last few years. It's simple and elegant at the same time. The style creates a coherent look and feel.

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Flute Back Seating

Upholstered flutes create eye-catching seating that customers notice. Flutes can be installed horizontally and vertically on the back section using custom dimensions per flute. We can complete the back section with stitched flutes for a more subtle finish.

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Float Button Back Seating

Adding floating buttons to your back section creates a modern playful feeling visually. We can upholster the buttons onto a standard back unit or on panels fixed along the back section. You could also choose buttons in a different colour to add contrast and uniqueness.

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Deep Button Back Seating

Have you ever seen a chesterfield sofa and thought instantly; That looks luxurious? Deep button back seating offers that classic look and comfort. It's a hugely popular choice in restaurants and hotels. Of course, you can install it anywhere.

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Back to Back Configuration

We can create back to back layouts using any of the above seating options. Back to back layouts create small but personal areas for your customers to dine, drink or work at during their visit. This option allows you to offer versatile seating arrangements for your space.

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Radial Booths

Booth seating is ideal for commercial settings like restaurants, pubs and clubs. It's also used heavily for VIP areas for private meals or drinks. Everyone can engage with each other in a radial booth; That's why it's considered the most social style of fixed seating.

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Customers Also Ask

What is banquette seating?

It's a fixed style of upholstered seating. Banquette seating can be standalone or fitted to one or more walls and configured as back to back booths. It's often paired with pedestal tables and chairs.

Does banquette seating save space?

Banquette seating takes up less space, but also, unlike a typical chair, you can build storage into the seat section. That's a double win.

What makes banquette seating comfortable?

Banquettes use space efficiently by providing a large amount of seating in a small area. The comfort comes from the fact that they designed using similar principles from sofa manufacturing. So sprung seating and backs with foam padding for added comfort.

Does banquette seating have a back?

You may notice that a banquette base has straight angles, but the back cushion is wedge-shaped to support the lower back. The seat depth is deep, so pillows, cushions or custom dimensions are options for shorter-legged people.

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Fixed Seating Projects

Take a look at our fixed seating projects for both large and small businesses.

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